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Glanmire Community College celebrated its second annual Edison (Educational Diversity and Innovative Skills ON Entrepreneurship) Education week from March 20th to 24th.  Entrepreneurship is attracting growing interest as a way to rebuild economies and stimulate growth. Both recent research and recommendations in Europe strongly support the belief that entrepreneurship education can be taught and has a part to play in determining peoples’ attitudes and developing the skills needed by the labour market. This is the underpinning view of the project EDISON.

The focus of the Edison project in Glanmire Community College aims to provide students with opportunities to develop the entrepreneurial competencies of Teamwork, Creativity, Convincing, Adaptability and Risk-taking.  Our team of thirteen teachers (Ms Hickey, Ms Lynch, Ms Byrne, Ms Madden, Ms Power, Mr I Dineen, Mr C Dineen, Mr Horgan, Ms Coughlan and Ms Emerson) and Transition Year students (Emma O’ Driscoll. Adam Collins, Max Calnan, Sarah O’ Sullivan, Ellen Egan, Brian Long, Caolan Maher, Aaron O’ Brien, Adam Dunne, Fionn Simpson, John Peter Laceda, Niamh Downey and Adam Mc Carthy) worked diligently to prepare an action-packed week which included the following activities:

Dragon’s Den for First Years
The Transition Year Edison team worked together to come up with a workshop to give first year students an understanding of the Edison programme as well as the opportunity to use these skills in workshops. Students were divided into teams and given a week to come up with creative ideas for a new product relating to a specific theme. They then gave a presentation a tough panel of judges to convince them that they had come up with the winning product in a Dragon’s Den style competition. Creativity flowed as the first years came up with innovative concepts for products, some of which have not yet been invented.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths) Bridge Building project

A team of dedicated teachers (Mr I Dineen, Ms Lynch, Mr C Dineen, Mr Horgan, and Ms Byrne) developed a STEAM project for Transition Year students, which incorporated Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.  This project gave students with aptitudes for the STEAM subjects the opportunity to research, design, take measurements and build a model bridge to scale.  Students worked in teams with their lead teachers to carefully plan each stage of the project.  The Art students (Ana Cruceanu, Melanie Mc Grath, Emma Mc Carthy and Eve Fisher) researched and designed a bridge for the Cork dockyards.  Their design was presented to the Maths (Ruth Whelan, Nicole Columb, Brian Long and Conor Crowley) and Science (Robyn Collins Kearney, Emma Field, Brian Lagrue, John Walshe) teams who took measurements, tested viability and adapted the design to ensure it was workable and set to scale.  The final design was presented to the Technology (Aaron O’ Brien, Mark Moynihan, Jordan Crowley, Kate Gallagher) and Engineering team (Adam Dunne, John Lane, Gillian O’ Gorman) who worked tireless for a number of days to build a model of the bridge.  Throughout this exciting and challenging project, both the teachers and students involved, got plenty of opportunities to use the Edison skills of creativity, teamwork, adaptability, convincing and risk-taking when completing their stages and passing the project on for the next stage of completion.

‘Learnit’ Robotics workshops
Covering all of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects, this LEGO Education based workshop for two second year groups gave students the opportunity to become engineers, researchers, analysts and designers. Through a practical and hands-on approach, students learned to take measurements, analyse data, make predictions, solve problems and design solutions. Students worked in teams to build and test their projects using LEGO Education kits, worksheets, tablets & laptops.

Wind turbine model building project

A group of Fifth Year Physics students were invited to take part in a wind turbine model building competition run by Brookfield Renewable Energy.  Students were divided into two groups and asked to appoint a project manager to lead the group.  Armed with model building packs, students’ creativity, teamwork and adaptability skills were tested when they were challenged to design and build efficient model wind turbines.


Ciara Judge speaks to Fifth Year Students

Ciara Judge inspired fifth year students with her ’If I can do it, anyone can!’ attitude as she outlined the journey she has followed leading to her current successful career in Silicon Valley and while pursing full time studies in UCC.  Ciara is a nineteen-year-old scientist and entrepreneur from Kinsale in Ireland. Over the past three years she has won the BT Young Scientist, the EU Young Scientist and the Google Science Fair her research on the work of rhizobium with cereal crops. In September of 2014 Time Magazine named her as being one of the 25 most influential teens worldwide. She was also listed by on their 20 under 20 to watch for 2015, and Huffington Post as one of the Most Fearless Teens of 2014. Her message to the fifth year students was clear:

“If you want to be successful in any walk of life you have to work hard, learn to adapt when things go wrong and never give up.  Success takes commitment and anyone can be successful if they work hard enough”